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  • €150 per month
  • control your private data at any time

  • Outlook® Plugin email protection
  • 1 encrypted dataroom
  • detailed rights management
  • unlimited number of shared links
  • code protected shared links
  • two-factor authentification
  • webinar or offer
  • Request offer
  • complete file management for your company

  • 10+ users
  • unlimited number of data rooms
  • your custom domain, e.g.
  • customer specific storage off-premise, on-premise
  • customer specific layout and design
  • Document tracking
  • Blockchain based document authentication
  • free training
  • Priority support
  • webinar or offer

Frequently asked questions

DocRAID combines a number of security mechanisms to protect your data. We us CloudRAID, fragmentation and encryption. The sync tool is additionally 100% zero knowledge. You decide who you share files with, your team, family, friends, clients, patients. CloudRAID means that data stored on our servers is fragmented, the fragments are encrypted, the encrypted fragments are then redundantly distributed to 3 different storages, much like a RAID storage. If one storage gets compromised or attacked, your data is still save. It can be re-assembled by the remaining storages. Not even our administrators see your data in clear text.
You will have access to the full set of features including DocRAID for Outlook. If you have booked just DocRAID for Outlook you will have to enter the license code after the installation. If you have booked a workspace (Private or Team) you can start adding files, sending out links and to invite others right after signing in.
No, you will not be charged during the 30 day free trial. You will have access to the complete set of functionality. Cancel the test at any time within the test period at no costs. If you decide to cancel the trial you will not be charged. If you decide to use DocRAID after the free trial you will be charged automatically after the free trial period has ended.
If you decide to continue using DocRAID after the free trial just keep on using it. If you should decide to cancel within the trial period your data will be deleted automatically after the trial period. Your account and data can then not be recovered.
After you cancel, your account and your data will be deleted and can not be recovered. We wipe your data (overwrite it multiple times), so even the encrypted fragments can not be recovered.
Usability and security are often contrarian targets. DocRAID offers a highly secure infrastructure to store and share files. You won't recognize most of it when using DocRAID. On top of the infrastructure feature, DocRAID aims at giving you utmost freedom in choosing the right protection level for your shared links and data. A press clipping may need less protection than a balance sheet. You choose which security features you apply to a shared link: expiration dates for shared links and accounts, code protection, limiting the receiver pool, 2-factor authentification and alerts are just a few features that you can combine to achieve the mix of usability and security you need.
Others consider DocRAID safe too, that is why they gave us awards ... SAP, SIEMENS, EMPOLIS, BAYER, VOLKSWAGEN, and others ...


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