CloudRAID driven file sync and share,
zero-knowledge online storage,
email encryption, no software installtion required at the receiver


Exchange files securely, online backup and email encryption starting at 4€ per month.

For private users, teams and corporations.

DocRAID is the pioneer in CloudRAID technology, 100% zero-knowledge backup and file sync, secure file exchange, and easy to use email encryption.

Off-Premise in our data centers in Germany or On-Premise (self-hosted) in your data center or office.

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Secure is not secure enough. DocRAID is the pioneer in CloudRAID technology and combines multiple mechanisms for maximum data protection:

fragmentation, encryption and redundant distribution to multiple storages.

DocRAID protects your files, without disrupting your workflow ...

collaborate on files with your team, clients, customers, patients, business partners ...


secure data room for backups and files


easy email encryption with Microsoft Outlook®,
no software installation required at the receiver


send large email attachments


mount as a WebDAV drive, e.g. M:\office
for all operating systems Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, ...


DocRAID is where you work: in the file explorer, web browser and in Outlook, on your laptop, desktop and mobile device


some people don't care about privacy. We do. Choose uncompromising protection from mass surveillance, cyber attacks, espionage.

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What is CloudRAID and the 100% zero-knowledge guarantee?

CloudRAID means that data stored on our servers is fragmented, the fragments are encrypted, the encrypted fragments are then redundantly distributed to 3 different storages, much like a RAID storage. If one storage gets compromised or attacked, your data is still save. It can be re-assembled by the remaining storages.

In addition to CloudRAID, the DocRAID sync tool is 100% zero-nowledge. This means we know nothing about the fragmented and encrypted data you store on our servers. This unique design means nothing leaves your computer until after it is encrypted and can not be decrypted until it is unlocked with your password on your computer. The keys are always at your site. We never have access to your keys. This goes beyond "end-to-end-encryption" it is zero-knowledge.


Your data is save with DocRAID. This is why we got awards from these international corporations and institutions:

IKT Innovativ 2013 SAP IKT Innovativ 2013 Siemens IKT Innovativ 2013 Empolis IKT Innovativ 2013 BMWi

Grants4Apps 2014 Bayer           Volkswagen 2015

European Commission IPACSO 2015

Hosting? On-premise (self-hosted) or off-premise on our metal.

Scalable and flexible hosting for your company's most valuable information. Get your own domain e.g. You manage your team online, we provide the secure infrastructre. Alternatively you host DocRAID in your data center. 

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